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STP is dedicated to the task of providing high quality, low cost, practical solutions to the checking, diagnosis, maintenance, and charging of automotive air conditioning systems for trade and for the end user.

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STP Air-Con

WARNING! If it's not R134A stay away

Customers, government agencies, and scientists have brought to our attention that there are imported products currently on the market claiming to be suitable for topping up A/C systems by the motorist. These products use a gas that is not recommended by any vehicle manufacturer and as our laboratory test shows are HIGHLY FLAMMABLE and should not be used by non professional people in automotive applications.

Before buying any product claiming to be suitable for the topping up of vehicle A/C systems ask 2 vital questions:

  • Does it contain R134A? remember if its not R134A stay away
  • Is it supplied in a 'REFILLABLE CONTAINER'?

If you are not asked to return the container after use for recycling & refilling then it is likely to be an illegal product. Flourinated Greenhouse Gas Regulation (Article 9 No 842/2006). Placing on the market restrictions mean - products containing R134A need to be in refillable containers that are actually designed to be refilled.

  • All STP Air-Con Containers are refillable and TUV Certified
  • STP Air-Con USA A/C Top Up PRODUCTS are illegal for sale in the UK and the whole of the E.U do not buy them on auction sites or direct from the USA or from any European Company.
  • STP Air-Con - E Z Chill is available exclusively from Halfords in the UK If the product appears on an auction site is likely to be stolen and should not be purchased and should be reported to STP Air-Con Europe immediately.
Warning - If it's not R134A stay away!